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Full filter set for 7 stage reverse osmosis 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Installation

The 7 stage ROP is seen as the best water purifier in the world and is thus our best seller

It is a praticle separating water purifier with means the Purifier separates the water  particles from any other particle attached to it on micro scale ! The membrane filter size is 1/10 000th of a micron that’s why it’s possible for the RO system to filter out viruses and bacteria !! Other materials and substances the 7 stage ROP removes includes dirt ,sand ,silt , chlorine , sodium , sulfate , calcium , potassium , nitrates , iron , zinc , mercury , selenium , phosphate , lead , arsenic , magnesium , nickel , fluoride , manganese , cadmium , barium , cyanide , chloride , hormones and pesticides !

The 7 stage ROP consists of 6 filters

10 inch 25,3 cm Polypropylene filter

10 inch 25,3 cm Granule Activated Carbon filter

10 inch 25,3 cm Carbon Block filter

50 GPD membrane makes 50 Gallons a day or 189 liters per day

Inline taste and odor filter

Inline Bio Ceramic filter that puts good minerals and salts back into your water like Calcium , Magnesium , Potassium and other minerals and is devided into 2 stages

The 7 stage ROP is a under counter unit or a kitchen purifier but can be installed any place with a water feed and a drain

The 7 stage ROP does waste water because all the bad elements in the water must be discarded some where

The System works best at houses with low water pressure or families ,companies that wishes to make the optimal use of their membranes water making capacity . The 24 V booster pump pushes 1.35 liters per minute through the membrane

The membrane can be upgrade to a 75 GPD  , 283,5 liters per day or a 100 GPD  ,378 liters per day

The 7 stage ROP comes with a RO tank 3,2 Gallons  with can be up graded to a 11 Gallon tank or a 20 Gallon tank depending on your needs. It also comes with a Faucet , 5meter RO pipe to connect your 5 stage ROP , a connection fitting , a blue shut of valve , a drain connection and a RO tank valve