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3 Stage Big Blue Water purifier with Bracket and Stainless Steel 55 Watt Ultra Violet Light

The 3-stage big blue is a water purifier that’s installed at the main water line going into your home or into your water storage tank

The filters that comes with the 3-stage big blue is two 20-inch fat polypropylene filters one of 1 microns and one of 5 microns that filters out dirt, sand, silt, rust and any particles visible with the eye. The third filter is a carbon block filter that filters out chlorine, heavy metals and some pesticides

The filters in the 3-stage big blue can be changed to your specification ask our friendly staff to help so u have the best filters for the water u have! Refillable canisters can be filled with any media to help with your water problems

The 55-Watt UV light is installed with the 3 Stage Big Blue to eliminate all Bacteria and Viruses

The 3-stage big blue with UV consists of

2 20-inch fat PP filters

1 20-inch fat Carbon block filter

2 connection fittings

1 whole house canister wrench (to open and close canisters)

55-watt UV bulb with ballast

Operating Pressure:

90 psi (6,2 bar)


85 x 76 x 21 cm


18 Kg

Inlet / Outlet:

1” NPT

Maximum working temperature:

2°C to 45°C


2700 litres per hour