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1054 Vessel - Diameter 25cm

                    - Height 137cm

                    - Volume 59 Liters

                    - Flow Rate 1500 liters per hour


Manual Head

This head is Manual and backwashes and quick rinses has to be done manualy once or twice a week depending on the quality of your water much like with a swimming pool filter. These heads comes in differnt sizes in and out ports the most popular size for the ports is 1 inch (25mm) 4000 LPH


Clino x Media 

This media is also known as Zeolite media and is a great media to remove solids from your water like sand , silt , rust and other particals in the water we use this media because it has a great holding capacity of particals thats in the water 6 times more than normal sand filters and also removes some heavy meatals from the water. This meens less backwashes for the media which in turn meens saving water . 


This vessel comes with one bag of clino x media which will make your vessel half full we preffer not to fill our vessels more than half with media because your media needs room to backwash properly 

This set up also comes in the 844 Vessel and the 1354 Vessel so to fit your needs of water flow