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1054 Vessel - Diameter 25cm

                    - Height 137cm

                    - Volume 59 Liters

                    - Flow Rate 1500 liters per hour


Automatic Head

This head is Automated and does the backwash and quick rinse it self and can be programmed to when you want it to be done ,we normally do it at night  because while while running the backwash your water will be cut off from your house for 5 minutes these heads comes in differnt sizes in and out ports the most popular size for the ports is 1 inch (25mm) 4000 LPH


DMI65 Water Media

DMI65 has a high capacity to filter out suspended solids and can be used for mechanical filtration and turbidity reduction in addition to its iron and manganese reduction potential. DMI65 can be used as is but for optimal use can be activated with Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%


This vessel comes with TWO bag of DMI65 media which will make your vessel just under half full if you wish to add an extra bag please state so when doing order we preffer not to fill our vessels more than half with media because your media needs room to backwash properly 

This set up also comes in the 844 Vessel and the 1354 Vessel so to fit your needs of water flow