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The 55 Watt Stainless Steel Ultra Violet Light (Comes with bulb, quartz sleeve and ballast)

Kills 99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, E.coli, giardia and typhoid

Flow Rate - 2750 Liters per hour

Inlet and Outlet - 3/4 Inch

Work Time - 24/7 this uv can be left on night and day and does not need to switched off 

Eco friendly - The UV light is eco friendly which means that no extra chemicals are needed to kill organisms 

Low impact on electric bill 


We at African Water Purification highly recommend at adding the 55 watt uv light to any water purifying system you buy or already have ! 

Water changes constantly so even if your water is testing 0 for bacteria now in 6 months there could be bacteria build up in your tanks, pipes or even in your borehole it self !

Rather be safe than sorry and install one now.